Hyde Prosthetics and Orthotics in Macon, Georgia


When coming to Hyde Prosthetics and Orthotics, you can always expect a professional and relaxed atmosphere where your comfort and happiness are our top priorities.  An orthosis is a bracing system which may be used to control motion, correct and resist deformities, assist weakened muscles, and reduce pain.   A prosthesis is an artificial limb designed to get you back to the functional level where you want to be. 


Prosthetic limbs are custom made to fit your body and are designed with your functional needs and goals in mind.  Measurements and a cast are taken of your residual limb to make your custom prosthetic socket.  Components such as knees and feet are selected based on your goals, functional needs, activity level, and size.  Your prosthetist will work with you over time to ensure you have an intimately fitting and comfortable socket and that all of your components are aligned and functioning properly.

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There are typically two options when being fit with an orthosis:

A custom designed orthosis can be made which is created specifically to fit your body.  To do this we will most likely take a cast and measurements of the affected part of your body and make your orthosis in our in-house fabrication lab.  We will fit this orthosis to you and make any changes and adjustments needed before delivering it to you.  This is known as a ‘custom fabricated orthosis’.


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An off-the-shelf orthosis can be used in certain situations when the areas of the body being covered by the orthosis have a shape that is similar from person to person.  We will order your orthosis based on your specific measurements and then fit it to you to assure that it works properly for your needs.  Any adjustments or changes that are necessary we will make before delivering the device to you.  This is known as a ‘custom fit, prefabricated orthosis’.

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