Hyde Prosthetics and Orthotics in Macon, Georgia


Orthotics are named based on which joints or body part they control.  The first letter of each joint involved is used is the naming of the orthotic device.


Lower Limb Orthotics:

  • FO – Foot orthosis
  • SMO – Supra-malleolar orthosis (just above the ankle bones)
  • AFO – Ankle foot orthosis
  • KAFO – Knee ankle foot orthosis
  • HKAFO – Hip knee ankle foot orthosis


Spinal Orthotics:

  • LSO – Lumbar sacral orthosis
  • TLSO – Thoracic lumbar sacral orthosis
  • CTLSO – Cervical thoracic lumbar sacral orthosis
  • CO – Cervical orthosis


Upper Limb Orthotics:

  • FO – Finger orthosis
  • HO – Hand orthosis
  • WHO – Wrist hand orthosis
  • WHFO – Wrist hand finger orthosis
  • EWHO – Elbow wrist hand orthosis
  • SEWHO – Shoulder elbow wrist hand orthosis


Prosthetic devices and amputations are named for the bone that is cut during the surgical procedure:

  • BK – Below Knee, also known as Transtibial
  • AK – Above Knee, also known as Transfemoral
  • Knee Disarticulation – An amputation through the knee joint
  • BE – Below Elbow, also known as Transradial
  • AE – Above Elbow, also known as Transhumeral
  • Elbow Disarticulation – An amputation through the elbow joint
  • Shoulder Disarticulation – An amputation through the shoulder joint